What is NI?

This article explains different donation methods.

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AI = Artificial Insemination (Pot + Syringe outside of clinic e.g. in Recipient's house or hotel)

AI+ = AI with recipient co-operation (Donation obtained with recipient present and giving assistance in the room and this could be anything to stimulate the donor e.g. parading, mutual touching, a helping hand, oral, anything other than intercourse. The recipient then inseminates the donation as per AI

PI = Partial Insemination (Donor masturbates and just before coming will ejaculate into the Recipient - i.e. intercourse strictly for procreation not recreation.)

NI = Natural Insemination (Unprotected Sex)

NI+ = Oral sex followed by Natural Insemination (Unprotected Sex)

XI = Exotic Insemination

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