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Can i change my birth date in my account?
Can i change my birth date in my account?
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Birth dates are captured during the sign up phase and it varies depending on which signup method you used. 

If you're using Facebook or Google and if you allowed 3rd party apps to use your birth date, this information will automatically be captured by Just a Baby app upon your authorization of Facebook or Google Login. 

If you're using Facebook or Google but you didn't allow 3rd party apps to get your birth date, Just a Baby will prompt you enter your birth date during the sign up process. 

If you're using a mobile number to sign up, you will be prompted to enter your birth date. 

If you entered your birth date erroneously, you will have to provide a valid ID showing your identity and your birth date so our administrator can process the update of your birth date in the app. 

Please reply to this message with a screenshot of your ID. We will get back to you once we've updated your information.

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